BOLD was inspired and created by the power couple Crystal Andrea and Eric Dejuan. After running and establishing their own individual companies, the two decided to give birth to a new brand, BOLD.

Bold is your answer to all of your fitness apparel needs. Offering form fitting yoga pants, sports tops, and so much more. Bold is designed for women of all shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds with ONE common goal, and that goal is to be BOLD.

It is our direct mission to cater to women of BOLD character, endless ambition, and strength like no other. We pride ourselves in creating a platform for women to share their BOLD stories, their WHY, their REASON, their JOURNEY to their quest to be BOLD. Creating this platform will not only empower women to be BOLD but to encourage them to create a platform for the next BOLD woman.

We empower women to look BOLD, feel BOLD, and act BOLD. Let us be your platform for your new BOLD  journey.